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The Formation of the Beads:

Waist-beads have been apart of African cultures these beliefs are both spiritual and non-spiritual. These beads symbolize expression for womanhood, femininity, fertility, spirituality, celebration, or confidence, self care, or intimacy.

It is said that it is tradition, for the person making your waist-beads is usually a highly spiritual person. For the beads shells, stones, and other things that may go with your waist beads are picked out and placed with intent of something very specific.

Im avalable to discuss with you the matching of your beads. 



Beads have specific meanings as to its colors;

Royal Blue: Knowledge, Healing, Peace, Truth, Harmony.


Light Blue: Faith, Devotion, Deep, in-sight.


Green: Prosperity, Hope, Harmony, Healing, Generous, Humble.


Red; Self-Confidence, Vitality, Sexual energy, Passion, Courage.

Yellow: Wisdom, Knowledge, Clarity, Increasing, Awareness, and Nerve calmness. 

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