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PRIME COLORS- (Nature ) Come from the earth 

Red, Yellow, Blue- Cannot get mixed by any colors to form

Mix all-Together becomes Black 

Mix with white becomes something Beautiful


Colors are more than just pretty attributes in clothing...nor is it just an attraction to compliment your skin tones, eyes, or hairstyles... Colors were used by THE MOST HIGH  to describe characteristics, feelings, emotions, gratitude, honor, rewards, and such....and your clothing should represent a spiritual essence of yourself, by not only Color...but also with the spirit of  as intended to be worn quoted within his commandments and to be a significant part followed throughout your walk of life. Its the same with wearing your bracelets they are a personal part of your make up and being. DAILY. Helping Yourself to Rebuild a relationship with oneself  learning how to maneuver through your situations and even relax and regain your own peace and balance.

White- Bride Of Christ ,Surrender, harvest, Light, Righteousness, Conquest, Victory, Blessedness, Joy, Angels, Saints, Peace, Completion, Triumph.

Brown- End Of Season, fertility, earth and concepts of all material and organic, the color of earth, comfort, and nurturing affects of the mind, wholesomeness, stability, and peace.

Yellow- Faith, Glory Of God, Anointing, Joy

Black- Darkness, Sin, Earth Affliction, Humiliation, Calamity, Death, Mourning 

                                                       -Colors In The Bible And Their Meaning

Amber- Glory Of God, Judgement, Endurance 

Orange- Fire Of God, Deliverance, Passionate, Praise

Pink/Fuchsia-Right Relationship

Scarlet(brilliant red)-Royalty, Fine Linen For Tabernacle

Red (Crimson)-Blood Of Jesus, Love Of God, Blood Of Lamb, Day Of Anointment Salvation

Blue-Heaven, Holy Spirit, Authority

Purple-Priest Hood, Kingship, Royalty, Meditate Wealth​

Gold-Glory, Divinity, Kingship, Eternal, Deity, Foundation, Altar Beauty, Precious, Majesty, Righteousness

Wine- New Birth, Multiply Overflow

Sapphire- Law Commandments Grace, Holy Spirit, Divine Relationship

Turquoise-River Of Gold, Sanctification, Healing, New Jerusalem

Green-Praise, Grow, Prosperity 


                                                     Secondary Colors And Biblical Meanings


Green is obtained by mixing Yellow (Trails with blue (Word Of God))

Purple is mixing the (Flesh) 

Red And Blue (Word Of God) resulting in royalty or Priesthood 

The Hebrew Word for Oudem-  Means red clay- Names such as Adam Edome and Esau derive from this word meaning (Flesh) the root word for Mankind 

      Colors As Descriptive in the KJV : 

(A) White, Descriptive Of:

Glory And Majesty Dan: 7:9

Rev: 20:11

Purity- Rev 1:14 

Victory- Rev 6:2

Completion- John 4:35

(B) Black Descriptive Of: 

Sorrow, Calamity-Rev 6-12

Hell- Jude 13

(C) Green Descriptive Of:

Spiritual Privileges- Jer. 11:16

Spiritual Life-Keep in mind there are (2 Types of green)

(D) Red (crimson) Descriptive Of:

Atonement- Is. 63:2

Military Might- Noah 2:3 

Persecution- Rev 12:3

Drunkenness- Prov 23:29

Sinfulness- Is.1:18 

(E) Purple Descriptive Of: -Royalty- Juds 8:26

Wealth- Luke 16:19

Luxury- Rev 17:4 

(F) Blue Descriptive Of: Heavenly Character Ex. 28:31 


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