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HYMBracing Meditations

Stands for Helping You to Build, Re-build, Re-Gain and/or just to Re-New, A Personal Relationship with

**Your-Self***with Meditation As Well As Prayer 

" Growing Up All In Our OWN Faces".

HYMBracing Meditations 

The Once "Yahshirihyah's Fashions"  began by presenting its edition of hand crafted and Shirts, Blouses, Poncho's, Masks, Slippers,  all inspired from

KVJ: Numbers 15:37-41  


Now , in her Ascension

I would like to present to you:



My New collection of crafted Bracelets, Earrings, Mala's, Mother & Daughter Sets, as well as many other styles of Bracelets for your selection as YOU begin your journey with (YOURE' RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF), with MEDITATION ... 

For special orders additions, adjustments, repairs,  Questions, Comments, and/ or concerns please feel free to contact me.  

Looking forward to Greeting YOU.  

DISCLAIMER: All of the Story's shared on this site is from My own experiences and personal journey  through HYMB and Prayer'

This is the Basis of YOUR WALK through whatever YOU'RE Religious, and/or Spiritual Practices May or May/Not be.

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